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Rotorworx offers country-wide aerial spraying services, primarily to the agricultural industry. Cash crops like mielies, wheat, soya beans, canola, and potatoes are typically sprayed at an average of 30 liters of water per hectare volume. Volumes may fluctuate according to the types of chemicals used and specifications thereof. 

Our helicopter spray kits are equipped with tee jet non-drip nozzles which render on average 300-micron droplets. These nozzles are interchangeable, allowing for a variety of different applications which may need larger or smaller droplets. We spray on average 70ha per hour. 

Each helicopter is equipped with a TracMap device ensuring that all areas which are sprayed, are recorded and mapped, using GPS technology. These maps are available to all clients for clarification purposes.


The majority of Rotorworx’s summer is occupied eradicating the presence of fruit flies in the agricultural sectors of the Western and Eastern Cape. Fruit flies spoil all fruits and some vegetables, hindering overall production and export figures. 

Our helicopter spray-kits are equipped with unique nozzles for the application of the bait, GF-120, which is mixed 1:1 with water. This ratio compares favorably with the usual ground application methods which vary between 1:5 and 1:30. These special nozzles release 1mm-5mm droplets of this concentrated mixture, ensuring that the flies are baited effectively. 

The goal is to strategically place these droplets where flies will find them in their normal search for food. Our pilots are able to cover on average 200ha-300ha per hour, flying at approximately 30m above the area, making it a fast and highly effective process.

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